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Creativity at the Core

Creativity at the CoreThe education leaders behind the Common Core State Standards have emphasized the need for implementation of critical thinking skills and creative exploration, and cite complementary subjects to achieve this goal – including the arts. The 2014 roll-out of the Common Core State Standards in California is a key time for influencing how arts education is utilized by local school districts, local schools, and individual teachers.

Recognizing this critical change in education policy, the California Arts Council invested $300,000* to launch a program called "Creativity at the Core: Powerful Arts Teaching and Learning in the Common Core."

  • The goal of "Creativity at the Core" is to place discrete arts education and arts integration at the forefront during the implementation of the Common Core for all California K-12 schools – specifically through the creation of teacher professional-development modules that incorporate dance, music, theater, visual arts, and other arts forms into Common Core instruction.

    These modules will be developed through a comprehensive statewide process involving education experts, professional teaching artists, and school administrators. The California County Superintendents Educational Services Association (CCSESA) will implement the program and coordinate the modules' creation and public dissemination.

    California is a very diverse state, and the modules will support a variety of different teaching environments – small and large schools, urban and rural schools, schools with a large number of English language learners, schools with children from lower incomes, schools with other educational needs, and other factors. All major performing and visual arts education disciplines will be represented and the modules will be available online for any who desire to view them – teachers, administrators, teaching artists, parents, and the general public.

    * This program is supported by one-time funds from the California State Assembly. Click here for more information.