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July 24, 2014Caitlin Fitzwater

California Arts Council Announces "Creating Places of Vitality" Grant Recipients

Program supports innovation and partnerships in rural and underserved communities

Sacramento -

 The California Arts Council announces that 85 California arts organizations will receive grants from 2013-14 Creating Places of Vitality program funds. A total of $810,442 will be awarded.

The Creating Places of Vitality program supports small arts organizations in rural and underserved communities, proposing new and expanded partnerships to implement place-based projects furthering one or more of the following goals:

  • Foster attractive and livable neighborhoods and communities
  • Encourage economic and community development
  • Offer greater access to the arts for individuals, families and communities
  • Provide safe, creative opportunities for youth

The Creating Places of Vitality program is rooted in the California Arts Council's mission to create a state where arts and culture are understood by residents and policymakers alike as indispensable to quality of life, to healthy communities, and to state and local economies.

The arts offer opportunities to encourage creative innovation and to engage in meaningful cultural activities that can transform neighborhoods and communities to create a distinct sense of place.

"We are pleased to invest in these local partnerships, which will result in positive change for California's rural and underserved communities," said Craig Watson, Director of the California Arts Council. "The innovative projects supported by our Creating Places of Vitality program will reach twenty-four counties, including fourteen rural counties, further growing the impact of the arts across our state."

Creating Places of Vitality Program Grant Recipients: 

3rd i South Asian Independent Film

San Francisco County

3rd i, in partnership with the Center for South Asia at Stanford University, Chitresh Das Dance Company, and The 1947 Partition Archive, will expand their recently established Dance and Music Initiative by organizing three events in Palo Alto and San Francisco that incorporate live performances drawing on South Asia's dance and music traditions. CAC funds will support 3rd i project Artistic Director and participating artists. $10.000.

509 Cultural Center

San Francisco County

509 Cultural Center is receiving $10,000 to strengthen the Tenderloin Neighborhood Arts Collaborative, an 8-member partnership formed in 2013 by 4 non-profit arts organizations, an environmental design firm, a homeless youth services provider, a non-profit economic development corporation and the operators and 200 residents of 2 hotels. During the grant period, CPV funds will support the artists participating in the Collaborative's approximately 20 arts programs at the Tenderloin National Forest. $10,000.

Abhinaya Dance Company

Santa Clara County

Abhinaya is receiving funds to expand their partnership with the Indian Cultural Center in Milpitas.  During FY 2014-15, the partners will host a spring concert in Milpitas and initiate two new programs: a participatory dance component for children enrolled at the India Community Center's pre-school program, and quarterly performance/demonstrations for participants in the Center's senior programs.  Awarded funds will support the participating artists' fees. $9,700.

African-American Shakespeare Company

San Francisco County

African-American Shakespeare Company will host a series of outdoor performances in the Western Addition neighborhood and its surrounding communities as a way to engage audiences, enhance access to the arts, increase the organization's visibility, and provide quality arts programming for the residents in the Western Addition neighborhood. $10,000.

Ann Bluethenthal & Dancers

San Francisco County

Anne Bluethenthal & Dancers is receiving support for Skywatchers, a place-based collaboration with Community Housing Partnership that brings formerly homeless residents of the Tenderloin District in San Francisco together with professional artists for the creation of multi-disciplinary, site-specific performance installations that reflect the complex stories and life experiences of the community participants. $9,400.

Asian American Women Artists Association

San Francisco County

Asian American Women Artists Association will present Hungry Ghost, a visual and literary arts exhibition, community art workshops and provocative panel discussion. These culturally rich programs will encourage artists, residents and civic leaders to connect with each other by exploring their identities and sharing their stories through innovative, creative expressions of the human condition. Grant funds will be used for exhibition, workshop, and panel discussion expenses. $9,400.

Asian Pacific Islander Cultural Center

San Francisco County

Asian Pacific Islander Cultural Center, Andrew J Wong Inc. and new partner Bindlestiff Studios will host a 3 day Asian American Arts Summit in San Francisco during May 2015.  The Summit will bring various sectors of the community and economy together to discuss issues facing different generations of artists; collaborations; advocacy on local and state levels; and look at  cultural equity in philanthropy and property ownership. $9,700.

Association for the Advancement of Filipino American Arts & Culture

Los Angeles County

CAC funding will support the annual Festival of Philippine Arts & Culture as it is strategically brought into downtown Los Angeles with expanded partnerships between FilAm ARTS and the City of Los Angeles, the Philippine Consulate General, and other key organizations. These partnerships will promote cultural tourism and engage the general public through the presentation of music, dance, workshops, literary arts, visual arts, crafts and ritual pageantry to over 30,000 people. $9,700.

AuCo Vietnamese Cultural Center

San Francisco County

ACVCC proposes to work with the Laotian American National Alliance (LANA), the Burmese Youth Association (BYA), the San Francisco Wushu Team, and Cambodian Community Development to pursue a fourth phase of the Tenderloin Southeast Asian Arts Initiative (TSEAAI). Activities include: A series of eight public programs in the Tenderloin designed to share cultural traditions between Southeast Asian communities in the Tenderloin, and with the multicultural community. $9,400.

Aunt Lute Books

San Francisco County

Aunt Lute Books, a 32-year old multicultural women's press, will launch a new partnership with the Oakland-based Intertribal Friendship House. CAC funds will support award-winning Choctaw author LeAnne Howe's residency at this urban Native community center, founded in 1955. While Howe is in residence, the partners will organize, produce and promote a series of community-building readings, writing workshops and storytelling events serving Bay Area Native Americans. $9,700.

AXIS Dance Company

Alameda County

AXIS Dance Company provides dance opportunities for youth with disabilities. They will partner with The Contemporary Jewish Museum, Luna Dance Institute and BORP to promote new places for youth with disabilities to participate in creative movement opportunities through 1) Get inMotion, a 5-day dance camp for youth with disabilities at Luna and 2) Everybody Dance Now, inclusive creative dance classes hosted at the CJM. $10,000.

Ballet Folklorico Anahuac

Stanislaus County

This project will foster a relationship with our organization, a religious based organization and a private business. The project will attract under- served Latino children from the churches parish and offer kids a cultural arts program that will teach them about their culture and dance. Students will take classes with Anahuac free of charge, we will partner with the church to present a end of the program show and festivity. Our project will unite Anahuac with the church and our community. $8,800.

Bethany Center Foundation of San Francisco

San Francisco County

This grant will expand the collaboration between Ruth's Table and neighbor- partner Community Music Center. (CMC) The collaboration provides musical performances and interactive experiences that feature CMC faculty and students for Bethany Center Senior Housing residents, their families, and the Ruth's Table community - a truly intergenerational audience. CAC funds support artistic fees, administration of the program, and promotion to underserved communities in San Francisco. $9,100.

Calidanza Dance Company

Sacramento County

This project will offer underserved youth in Sacramento the opportunity to dance with Calidanza Dance Company and allow Calidanza to present two professional productions in the Sacramento region at a discounted rate for the community. $9,700.

Center for the Study of Political Graphics

Los Angeles County

CSPG will work with community partners to: 1) Update CSPG's immigration exhibition, "No Human Being is Illegal!-Posters on the Myths & Realities of the Immigrant Experience;"  2) Print and laminate 50-75 posters in CSPG's Exhibition-to Go format; 3) Display "No Human Being is Illegal!" at Mercado la Paloma, in the 9th Council District of Los Angeles, in 2015; and 4) Hold one educational program and one art workshop, free and open to the public, in conjunction with "No Human Being is Illegal!" $9,400.

Centro T.A.B.C.A.T

Sacramento County

Centro T.A.B.C.A.T will conduct Brazilian Capoeira, dance and music workshops/performances with underserved communities of Oak Park in partnership with Oak Park Community Center for the Centro T.A.B.C.A.T's Brazilian Independence Day Street festival. The goal of the project is to increase access to arts for Oak Park communities and increase public awareness of Brazilian cultural folkloric arts in Sacramento. $9,700.

Collage Dance Theatre

Los Angeles County

Inspired by Heidi Duckler's 30-year commitment to site-specific performance, the Duck Truck Residency Program (DTRP) is a curriculum-based initiative for schools, afterschool programs, and community centers that utilizes a 1961 Oasis trailer as a mobile classroom and performance site. With an emphasis on creating a distinct sense of place through workshops and artistic community building, the DTRP provides access to the arts for underserved individuals and families in East/South LA. $9,400.

Community Youth Performing Arts Center, Inc.

Santa Barbara County

Viva el Arte de Santa Bárbara! is a collaborative community program that brings world-class musicians and dancers to present high-quality, no-cost performances and educational outreach events to SB County's low-income, Latino families in three underserved areas: Isla Vista, Santa Barbara's Eastside, and Guadalupe. Since its inception in 2006 the program has served 110,000 community members through weekend residencies that include bilingual workshops, school visits, and free family performances. $9,100.

Company of Angels

Los Angeles County

The Company of Angels (CoA) Halo Project is a community outreach theater project that gives artistic presence and voice to homeless, working poor, and disenfranchised members of the Downtown Los Angeles area community.  The Halo Project continues to expand its partnership with The Alexandria, a low-income housing facility and newly outreach to service organization, The Downtown Women's Center, to share and build the insights, courage and talents of inner-city men and women. $9,700.

Croatian Cultural Center of San Francisco

San Francisco County

The Croatian American Cultural Center (CACC) will expand their collaboration with the Bay Area Hungarian community by organizing the second annual Hungarian Dance House event, by incorporating Hungarian performances into their annual San Francisco Tamburitza Festival and by programming a concert of Hungarian music and dance in their Beyond the Borders series. Awarded funds will support the fees of the Executive/Artistic Director and the participating artists. $10,000.

Dell'Arte Players

Humboldt County

Dell'Arte will partner with the Mad River Alliance to create Steelhead Days, a fish-themed arts festival throughout Blue Lake and along the Mad River. The celebration will creatively engage citizens and organizations to celebrate the iconic steelhead fish population in our local waterway to increase river stewardship and tourism, and to bring the community together around this valued asset. Steelhead Days hopes to move from a one-time event to a self-sustaining annual festival in our community. $10,000.

El Teatro Campensino

San Benito County

El Teatro Campesino and Cal-Power, Inc. will present the free outdoor spectacle "Popol Vuh: Heart of Heaven." The popular show based on Mayan creation stories featuring a cast of local community participants of all ages will be performed in parks in San Juan Bautista and, for the first time, in the neighboring community of Hollister, making it a model event to revitalize the parks of rural San Benito County as dynamic places for creators, participants, and audiences of arts and culture. $9,700.


San Francisco County

Eldergivers connects the generations through programs that celebrate the wisdom, talents and creativity of older adults. They will continue and expand relationships with residents of three long-term care facilities (average age 85) in Alameda County through year long, weekly two-hour art classes taught by two professional artists, and by exhibiting the elder artists' art in a variety of public venues in the Bay Area.  $9,400.

Epiphany Productions Sonic Dance Theater

San Francisco County

EPSDT is receiving support for the 2014 San Francisco Trolley Dances. This 11th annual civic event will feature site-specific new works by an array of professional and community-based dance companies, presented along a MUNI/Metro light-rail line that reaches underserved neighborhoods. Presented over three days each October, SFTD represents a public-private partnership involving EPSDT, SF MUNI, professional Bay Area artists and ensembles, and community organizations along the selected route. $10,000.

Firebird Youth Chinese Orchestra

Santa Clara County

Firebird Youth Chinese Orchestra will bring happiness to underserved senior citizens in Life Care Services Community, the Forum at Rancho San Antonio, and other senior centers in Silicon Valley. In this new Performing for Seniors project, student musicians will contribute in-kind performances on weekends, while teachers will play on weekdays, and both groups will present traditional Chinese music. $10,000.

First Night Monterey

Monterey County

First Night Monterey in partnership with the City of Greenfield, MCUI and MCET will conduct a free summer art youth camp that explores the history and cultures of Greenfield. Students will translate that knowledge into painted images and scenes to create a three panel mural to be displayed at City Hall. Using the digital arts they will create stories of their lives and town incorporating images of the past, present and dreams of the future. An art exhibit and reception will display the work. $9,700.

Floricanto Dance Theatre

Los Angeles County

The one year old Floricanto Center for the Performing Arts will continue a formal partnership with the Sanchez Family Corporation, the largest franchise holder of MacDonald's restaurants in the East side of Los Angeles, in order to provide greater access to the arts through new and expanded programs for youth, families, and the artists' community. The partnership will serve over 200 Latino youth ages 8-16 and their families through after-school programs and summer camp. $9,100.

Flyaway Productions

San Francisco County

Flyaway Productions will premiere "Multiple Mary and Invisible Jane," an evening-length apparatus-based dance, performed on the south wall of Hastings Law School. The project is a narrative portrait of the homeless women who roam the streets of the Central Market district of SF, searching for refuge.  Choreographer Jo Kreiter will direct the piece in collaboration with community partner Episcopal Community Services, journalist Rose Aguilar, and composer Pamela Z, for premiere in Fall 2014. $9,700.

Fresh Meat Productions

San Francisco County

Fresh Meat Productions will engage in a partnership with the GLBT Historical Society that will culminate in 6 world premiere performances of "The Missing Generation" before 1000 people at San Francisco's Z Space in April 2015. The concert will be contextualized by a photography exhibition at the GLBT History Museum and a series of panel discussions about the AIDS epidemic's past and current impacts on San Francisco's LGBT community. Funds will cover dancer, designer & choreographer fees. $9,700.

Gamelan Sekar Jaya

Alameda County                                                        

"Sareng" (Together) will honor GSJ's 35th Anniversary, nurture community spaces, & share the wisdom of harmony, cooperation & balance that are embodied in Balinese arts. Engagement with master artists will promote intercultural awareness, and new partnerships with The Music Center (LA), Banteay Srei (Oakland), & Mosswood Park (Oakland), will introduce Balinese arts to a diverse community and cultivate a positive sense of belonging and place through workshops, classes, rehearsals & performances. $9,400.

Genryu Arts

San Francisco County

Genryu Arts is receiving support for its 2014-15 Japantown Cultural Arts Engagement Initiative that includes: 1) July 2014 - Japan Day Festival - a free outdoor event. 2) July 2014 - 4 day long workshop with master artists at the JCCCNC and culminating performance at the Japan Day Festival. 3) An annual Spring break intensive workshop with culminating performance for both advanced and beginning taiko students. 4) May 2014 Children's Day - a free outdoor festival. $9,700.

Golden Thread Productions

San Francisco County

Golden Thread Productions will build on three-year partnership with Islamic Cultural Center of Northern California (ICCNC) on the initiative Islam 101, to develop and present plays inspired by Islamic art and philosophy, and expand to include ODC in San Francisco. $9,400.

Great Leap, Inc.

Los Angeles County

Great Leap will conduct an encore of FANDANGO OBON, a workshop series and culminating performance for communities of Boyle Heights, Little Tokyo and expanding to Leimert Park. Nobuko Miyamoto and Quetzal Flores and other artists will facilitate workshops of the cultural practices Obon and Fandango, commemorating and enriching places of cultural nexus in each of these communities.  Stories gathered, recorded and passed on will help preserve the vital cultural heritages of these places. $9,400.

Green Arts People

Ventura County

Green Art People (GAP) & Awake Community will partner to expand and enhance GAP's programs that include production of diverse artistic, music & environmental programming. GAP is located in the historic Westside of Ventura, CA, historically a low-income area rich in multicultural diversity. GAP promotes networking & educational opportunities for artists & community members.. $8,800.

Highways  Inc.

Los Angeles County

CAC funds will support the fees of the Project Director and the artists participating in Highways' 4-day 7th annual Día de los muertos Celebration in November 2014. This event will present new work by emerging Latino artists generated at an intensive September performance workshop directed by Guillermo Gomez-Peña. In October, traditional Mexican artists will conduct 4 workshops at Latino community centers that will perpetuate the practice of this Mexican holiday's craft traditions. $9,700.

Idris Ackamoor and Cultural Odyssey

San Francisco County

Cultural Odyssey's The Medea Project: Theater for Incarcerated Women will conduct community outreach activities and public performances to assist in the transformation of various San Francisco communities. Activities will take place at the Girl's Empowerment Conference, the 30th anniversary of the Division on Women & Crime Conference, and Planned Parenthood's "Birthright" collaboration. $10,000.

Ink People

Humboldt County

Ink People partners with the Westside Community Improvement Association, which purchased and is currently renovating a blighted, abandoned property in the middle of Eureka in order to transform it into a dynamic, neighborhood community center.  The MARZ Project will provide ongoing digital media, music and arts instruction, all-ages events, and job-training services for neighborhood and other youth, ages 13 to 22, and for participating community partners at the facility, such as Access Humboldt. $9,700.

Instituto Mazatlan Bellas Artes

Sacramento County

CAC funds will bring Mexican folk dance to the Sacramento community, in an area now experiencing revitalization. , reaching underserved children of this community in a six month program that will provide greater access to the arts for students and bring attention to the various community resources for the families along the Boulevard. This program will also include a community performance. $9,400.

Inyo Council for the Arts

Inyo County

CAC funds will support arts-focused programs in partnership with the Inyo County Superintendent of Schools' office, Inyo County Probation Office and University of Nevada Las Vegas. Programs will provide music, dance and art classes, both during and after school, to every school district in Inyo County including students from remote and underserved district in Death Valley, and high risk students at a continuation school, alternative school and Juvenile Hall School. $9,700.

JC Culture Foundation

Los Angeles County

JC Culture Foundation will create a formal partnership with Niemes Elementary, Leal Elementary, and Gonsalves Elementary to provide greater access to the Chinese Culture and arts through new and expanded programs for individuals, youth, families, and the artist community. It is expected that the participating students learn and get involved with specific aspects of Chinese culture, and develop their skills in communication and leadership. $9,100.

Kearny Street Workshop

San Francisco County

CAC funds will support a multi-disciplinary program in partnership with Manilatown Heritage Foundations, Chinese Culture Center and Kundiman. The series will comprise workshops in poetry/prose writing and writing for performance, a performance walking tour of SF's Chinatown/Manilatown, and a Coast to Coast reading that includes ancestral and contemporary literature. $9,700.

Khmer Arts Academy

Los Angeles County

Khmer Arts will bring eight guests artists to its Cambodia Town Cultural District studio for one-month residencies during which they will conduct workshops for community youth, pursue their own creative work, and share that work with the community at large.  $9,700.

Kings Regional Traditional Folk Arts

Kings County

This organization will create a lively arts program in the rural community of Hanford, CA and offer multi-genre dance and mariachi music programs for underserved youth. The project will partner our organization with the city of Hanford and the surrounding communities of Kings County in an unprecedented program that will offer folklorico, Hawaiian, Aztec, Hip Hop dance and music classes in mariachi and fiddle blue grass. $10,000.


Alameda County

Kitka will partner with Fort Ross Conservancy, Russian House Kedry, and Slavyanka Russian Chorus on a series of Northern CA festival programs celebrating diverse Russian choral singing traditions. Programs will take place at Fort Ross State Historic Park in conjunction with the Park's annual Summer and Harvest Festivals, and in Oakland and San Francisco as part of the inaugural Bay Area Russian Choral Festival. CAC Funds will support Kitka's project-related artistic and administrative costs. $10,000.


San Francisco County

Making Visible engages Pilipino-Americans and the public in a series of art events: an outdoor performance series, parade & festival, the Kwentohan graphic arts storytelling project & mural, and Arte sa Kalye- a 3-day art event with street performances and live arts. Kularts fosters attractive communities by creating a center and sense of place for the Bay Area's Pilipino population, building a culturally vibrant city for all residents and visitors.  CPV funds support production and marketing costs. $9,700.

LA Commons

Los Angeles County

LA Commons and the Craft and Folk Art Museum will partner to produce "Trekking LA 2014: Meet and Make Across the City," a series of tours exploring the unique cultural fabric of communities with opportunities to interact with local artists and culture makers in hands-on engagement tied to local folk traditions. The project fosters attractive and livable neighborhoods by welcoming locals and visitors alike to experience cultural vitality in every corner of the city. $9,100.

La Raza Galeria Posada
Sacramento County

La Raza Galería Posada is receiving support for a place-based project, La Pastorela de Sacramento, an adaptation of the Mexican traditional holiday play including a holiday Mercado (marketplace) of local art vendors, to take place on Sacramento's downtown K Street Mall. La Pastorela de Sacramento brings together artists, community residents, and small business leaders to provide incentives for investments and encourage spending by those who seek ethnic-specific artistic and entertainment venues. $9,700.

Lenora Lee Dance

San Francisco County

Lenora Lee Dance (LLD), Cameron House (CH), Kei Lun Martial Arts, and the Chinese Historical Society of America (CHSA) will conduct a yearlong project that will include: 1) Two 5-week long artist residencies providing creative dance, Chinese dragon dance, music, and video design for youth and adults 2) Presentations by participants and project artists in LLD's 7th Anniversary Season, CH's Visual and Performing Arts Festival January, CHSA's Lunar New Year Celebration, and the Cameron Carnival. $10,000.

Liberty Painting Corporation

Siskiyou County

Liberty Arts will produce 3 exhibitions offering: 1) exhibition opportunity to artists and performers from the remote areas surrounding the Klamath River, in an expanded two-day presentation as part of the Down River Show; 2) opportunities to artists in our community and beyond through an open call ceramics exhibition, Glorious Mud; 3) a venue for guest artists through the Women Who Know Alaska invitational show, revealing the unusual beauty and quiet spirituality of our northern cousin. $9,100.

Lorraine Hansberry Theatre

San Francisco County

Lorraine Hansberry Theatre will continue the "Bringing the Art to the Audience" (BATA) program in 2014/15, through which they offer staged readings of plays by African American and multicultural playwrights at community venues throughout San Francisco and the East Bay. Funds will be used for artist fees, production costs, rental fees and marketing aimed at reaching their target population of African Americans and underserved communities in the San Francisco Bay Area. $9,700.

Los Angeles Poverty Department

Los Angeles County

LAPD will produce the 5th Annual Festival for All Skid Row Artists, a project that has become known for recognizing and encouraging the creative assets of the Skid Row community. This free, two-day public event both exhibits and documents the work of Skid Row artists, linking them through an ever-growing Skid Row Artist Registry, which currently includes over 500 artists and is utilized to alert the community to artistic opportunities and to raise the creative profile of Skid Row. $9,700.

Mammoth Art Guild

Mono County

Mono Council for the Arts will partner with the Village at Mammoth to produce Fiesta Caliente, Mammoth's Latin Music & Arts Festival; and will also partner with the School of Arts & Culture, Mexican Heritage Plaza to present a Hispanic arts & cultural festival for their large Latino population in the Eastern Sierra. This culturally specific festival will follow the Mammoth Margarita Festival to attract over 2000 Latino families. $9,100.

Mariposa County Arts Council Inc.

Mariposa County

In partnership with senior care providers, MCACI will grow the f/stop initiative, which brings photography programs to seniors. Participants learn how to use photography to express their identities, tell stories, and share their connection to Mariposa. The culminating event is a multi-venue public exhibition in Mariposa County creating investment within the larger community and recognizing the importance of place-based art programs for their ability to encourage participation and art engagement. $9,700.

Mendocino Art Center

Mendocino County

Mendocino Art Center will partner with Mendocino Film Festival and local businesses to reinvigorate the historic town, increase social vibrancy, and improve access to the arts, by producing Mendocino: Our Town in Art and Film, a month-long arts showcase to share the story in new and classic art identified with the town of how the dying mill town transformed into a vibrant arts colony. Free events will include art exhibitions, historic displays, live performances, workshops and film screenings. $8,417.

Mo`olelo Performing Arts Company

San Diego County

Mo`olelo will partner with the NAACP San Diego Branch to increase arts engagement and participation among under-served African American communities, using the innovative strategy of Consensus Organizing for Theater. The project will culminate in 25 public performances of "Scott Joplin's New Rag" and community mixers at The 10th Avenue Theatre, located in the East Village in downtown San Diego. Funds will cover artistic and administrative staff, facility rental, and production supplies. $9,400.

Navarrete x Kajiyame Dance Theater

Alameda County

The Anastasio Project is a multidisciplinary public performance work investigating race relations, state brutality, and border violence using the stories of Anastasio Hernandez-Rojas and Oscar Grant as points of departure. The three components include Public Performances, Community Dance-Theater classes at Eastside Arts Alliance, and a Racial Equity Inquiry Group. The work targets passive passers-by as well as intentional audiences in Oakland, CA. $9,700.

Nevada County Arts

Nevada County

First Friday Art Walks encourage people to shop and dine downtown, meet with friends and enjoy the local arts. Grant funds will be spent on marketing and artist fees. On six Friday evenings, participating businesses open late and host artists' receptions featuring local visual and performing artists. Additional pop-up venues on closed-off streets feature more visual and performing artists. The beneficiaries of these events are businesses, employed artists and an invigorated community. $6,825.


San Francisco County

OX will produce a collaboration with San Francisco-based experimental performance group Laura Arrington Dance.  The evening-length show will engage Artistic Director Mica Sigourney's drag performance training and choreographer Laura Arrington's rehearsal technique with autobiographical text, contemporary dance and cultural theory to address themes of privilege, whiteness, and American-ness. The work will be presented for 600 queer audiences in November 2014 at CounterPULSE. $9,100.

Playhouse Arts

Humboldt County

Playhouse Arts, working with the City of Arcata, will partner with The Art Center, Scrap Humboldt, Greenway Partners, local artists and businesses to create Art to Go. Art to Go will incorporate community feedback to create mural art in the public right of way, and provide Spontaneous Parades of stilts, puppetry and music to enliven communal spaces. Funds will be used for public facilitation, artist fees and supplies. $9,700.

Plumas Arts

Plumas County

Plumas Arts will work with community groups in Chester, Quincy and Portola, supporting and empowering them to design, produce and promote a series of low or no cost concerts and performances in each population center. In partnership with the New World of Work at Feather River College, they will also expand and refine their Artist & Entrepreneur Series and Day of the Dead Festival.  $9,700.

Pro Arts

Alameda County

Pro Arts will expand PROJECT/Satellite, a community engagement program in partnership with Satellite Affordable Housing Associates that will enable artists from diverse communities to create new works for exhibition at nontraditional venues in downtown Oakland, and to lead participatory art-making sessions for low-income, ethnically-diverse residents at affordable housing facilities in the neighborhood. CPV funds will be used for artist commissioning fees and production. $9,400.

Queer Cultural Center

San Francisco County

QCC will strengthen its partnership with the San Francisco LGBT Community Center and with Openhouse, an LGBT senior housing development and service provider. The partners will develop and implement a series of 8 arts programs for LGBT seniors that will take place at the Community Center. This year-round series will build community, enliven the neighborhood and increase awareness of LGBT senior needs. CAC funds will support the participating artists' fees and rent expenses. $9,400.

Queer Rebel Productions

San Francisco County

Queer Rebel Productions will produce two performances of Legacy, a reflection on San Francisco's artistic spaces. CAC funds will provide honorariums for the Artistic Director and 6-10 artists and panelists participating in the April/May 2014 weekend event at the San Francisco Main Library. $9,400.

Queer Women of Color Media Arts Project

San Francisco County

QWOCMAP will expand partnerships with API Equality LA and San Joaquin Pride Center by reaching out to their local networks in the Inland Empire and San Joaquin Valley. Free Film & Freedom Academy workshops will offer professional filmmaking training to underserved queer women of color, gender nonconforming and transgender people of color. By reducing financial barriers for participants, it will establish filmmaking as an art form in local communities. $10,000.

RADAR Productions

San Francisco County

RADAR Productions, in partnership with the San Francisco Public Library and Aunt Lute Books, will produce The Banned Book Club, a year-long free literature program. Eight writers will select a literary work that was censored or banned by government officials and facilitate a public discussion at the Book Club's monthly gathering. They will each write an original piece exploring censorship and read their works at the project's concluding event at the Library's Main Branch. $9,700.

San Benito County Arts Council

San Benito County

The San Benito County Arts Council will create a sense of place through partnership with the Blak Sage Gallery by engaging and empowering the community through the arts. The gallery space will be activated through new classes and workshops for youth and adults, interactive site-specific events, expanded collaboration with partners and stakeholders and the continuation of successful programming. $9,400.

San Diego Dance Theater

San Diego County

The San Diego Dance Theater will produce its 16th annual "Trolley Dances," a site-specific project that exposes underserved families with young children to dance, attracts hundreds of senior citizens via its daytime programming, employs scores of dancers/choreographers, and utilizes strong partnerships revitalizing the neighborhoods in which it occurs.  $9,400.

San Francisco International Arts Festival

San Francisco County

The Lariat is an opera created by composer Lisa Scola Prosek in collaboration with linguist Louise Miranda Ramirez and other members of the Esselen tribe. The opera will be based on the Novella of the same name by Jaime De Angulo, an anthropologist from UC Berkeley who lived and worked extensively with American Indian tribes along California's Central Coast during the 1920-30s. The Lariat will premiere at CSU Monterey Bay and will be written and performed in the English and Esselen languages. $9,400.

San Francisco Transgender Film Festival

San Francisco County

The SF Transgender Film Festival will receive $10,000 to expand their current partnership from 4 to 8 social service agencies and arts organizations that have significant transgender clienteles or audiences. The Partners, including the Transgender Law Center, Community United Against Violence, Queer Cultural Center, Fresh Meat Productions and others, will combine their promotional resources to increase ticket sales to the 2014 Festival by reaching as many Bay Area transgender residents as possible. $9,700.

San Jose Multicultural Artists Guild

Santa Clara County

San Jose Multicultural Artists Guild (SJMAG), in partnership with Corazon Alma y Cultura Association, will expand their annual Dia de los Muertos events to an additional site: the School of Arts and Culture at the Mexican Heritage Plaza. Six additional organizations - San Jose State University's Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Library, the National Hispanic University, the San Jose Museum of Art, the Children's Discovery Museum, Tropicana Shopping Center, and the Mexican Consulate - will also work to coordinate and publicize this large-scale event. $9,700.

Siskiyou Arts Council

Siskiyou County

The Siskiyou Arts Council will partner with local artists and school districts to create a fine art program that is centered at the SAC Cultural Center and Studio Gallery. Students will have the opportunity to experience a professional art gallery, learn to perceive and respond to works of art, and create their own work with the guidance of the artists. The program will work with the schools to meet core curriculum standards and raise awareness of the value of art education. $9,100.

Sixth Street Photography Workshop

San Francisco County

The proposed project is a film and digital photography workshop for adults living in poverty. They will produce Community Memory, part of an ongoing project of Sixth Street Photography Workshop and TODCO, to chart, interpret, and document the changing South of Market neighborhood through the perceptions of its long-term population, members of its underclass, and military veterans. $9,400.


Los Angles County

Los Novios Community Theater Initiative will produce ten theater arts workshops, and twelve public presentations. The collective will work with the LGBT community to present personal experiences and reflections on same gender marriage. The play will focus on long standing cultural and societal issues in the Latino community and re-imagine notions of family roles and community relating. $9,100.

TeAda Productions

Los Angeles County

TeAda proposes the creation and performance of Global Taxi Driver (GTD).  GTD explores immigration and mobility in the 21st Century through stories of immigrant taxi drivers, an isolated and overlooked community of laborers whose industry is rapidly changing. The project expands access to the arts for the drivers as well as artists from underserved communities in Los Angeles. It also engages non-traditional audience members that reflect these underserved communities and the taxi drivers. $9,700.

Teatro Jornalero Sin Fronteras

Los Angeles County

TJSF will collect the stories of over 50 day laborers (jornaleros) in Los Angeles to create a short play in which first-time community actors will be cast. The play will tour to 10 day labor centers around Los Angeles, fostering a sense of community, belonging, and cultural pride. TJSF will partner with IDEPSCA and CARECEN, organizations specializing in providing support and resources to the day labor community to reach over 1,500 day laborers in Los Angeles. $9,700.

Teocalli Cultural Academy

Fresno County

This project will create a much needed cultural arts program in the city of Fresno.  It will offer 20 underserved children the opportunity to learn folklorico dance thorough their cultural academy. The project, entitled "Alianza," will unite the community with their academy. It will host community meetings, offer dance classes to underserved children and produce a community showcase featuring thestudents . $9,700.

The Industry

Los Angeles County

The Industry will partner with the Los Angeles Theatre Center to present FIRST TAKE, a free workshop of new operas-in-progress by pioneering American composers. This will be FIRST TAKE's second iteration; the first, commencing in 2012 at the Hammer Museum, featured the first public performances of works by the legendary Pauline Oliveros and the rising star Arab-American composer Mohammed Fairouz $10,000.

The PGK Project

San Diego County

The PGK Project will partner with the Bread & Salt Arts Center to provide greater access to the arts for individuals, families and communities by donating their space to host 'San Diego Dances,' featuring new works by choreographers with affordable ticket prices to the public. These works are created during a residency at Culture Shock Dance. The choreographers will teach Master Classes at local high schools serving low income students who with their families attend the performance for just five dollars. $9,400.

Tia Chucha's Centro Cultural

Los Angeles County

Tia Chucha's Centro Cultural will produce their 10th annual "Celebrating Words: Written, Performed, and Sung" festival to be held in May 2015 at Ritchie Valens Park, Pacoima, CA. The Celebrating Words Festival - the only annual outdoor literacy festival in the culturally-underserved Northeast San Fernando Valley - will include performances in poetry, dance, and music; panels in writing and publishing; local artisan vendors; edutainment for children; and more. $9,400.

Virginia Avenue Project

Los Angeles County

Virginia Avenue Project's One-on-One and Tech Project programs are defined by their incredibly intense mentor/student connections and their access to real world Theater Arts skills. Their programs offer underserved Santa Monica kids a safe place to try out life situations, experiment with expression, learn collaboration and tell their stories. Programs and stage productions are always free and open to the public. $9,400.

Visual Communications Media

Los Angeles County

Working in partnership with the Directors Guild of America, VC will produce its 31st Annual LA Asian Pacific Film Festival. LAAPFF is an 11-day showcase of over 150 Asian and Asian American films which screen at significant venues throughout LA county. The festival also provides Asian American media artists and audience members with networking opportunities, artist Q&A's, panel discussions, seminars and other special events geared towards cultivating collective, creative enterprise. $10,000.

Watts Village Theater Company

Los Angeles County

In partnership with Green Dot Public Schools and Youth Opportunity High School, Watts Village Theater Company will develop and produce a full-length production as part of its ongoing Mainstage theatrical production program with students ages 14-18. The goals of this program include providing students the opportunity to witness and participate in a professional theatre production process, learning  job qualifying and academically enriching skills while expanding students' cultural intelligence. $9,100.

Women's Audio Mission

San Francisco County

Local Sirens: Mid-Market Women in Music Fest is a free, quarterly performance series that features San Francisco Bay Area women composers and musicians at A.C.T.'s Mid-Market venue, The Costume Shop Theater. The series promotes underserved women artists, provides high-quality, accessible, safe music events to the families and youth of an historically challenged inner city neighborhood, and strengthens community by engaging employees of local tech companies in the arts culture of Mid-Market. $10,000.

Yolo County Arts Council

Yolo County

YoloArts will expand its partnership with the City of Woodland to provide regular, monthly art & music events in the downtown business district during the monthly art walk, while furthering partnerships with the Yolo County Visitors Bureau and the Historic Woodland Downtown Business Association to promote artists, economic growth in the downtown business district and increased community development with an arts focused strategy. $9,400.

Youth Orchestras of Fresno

Fresno County

Youth Orchestras of Fresno will expand their free Accent on Access Violin Program once again, giving second- through sixth-graders the opportunity to experience "Many Hands, Many Hearts, One Sound." More performances, more visibility, more community involvement will take the project beyond the May 2015 culminating concert and into a future of planned program growth. $10,000.



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