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Governor's Proclamation for National Arts and Humanities Month--a personal invitation to all Californians
This second official document highlighting the arts in October commends artists and others for their profound impression on individuals, youth and future leaders

Published: 10-21-2010

Governor Schwarzenegger issued a special proclamation on October 18, 2010, specifically highlighting October as Arts and Humanities Month. Below is the text of the official document sent to the California Arts Council and the California Council for the Humanities.


The importance of arts and humanities cannot be emphasized enough. California is enriched by its vast array of libraries, museums and schools. These important resources have fostered the growth of many great thinkers here in our Golden State. Books, films, paintings and other great works of art not only entertain us, but also teach us valuable lessons within our own lives. Without the support of arts and humanities, our enriched quality of living here in California would be severely diminished.

This month, we celebrate the hard work of educators, artists, authors and more with Arts and Humanities Month. Their contributions fuel our imaginations and bring our diverse community closer together.

Arts and humanities also have a significant bearing on the economy. California's creative businesses generate billions of dollars of revenue per year, and are also the source of many jobs in industries such as design, film, multi-media, animation and music.

I extend my gratitude to all those who strengthen the arts and humanities sectors in our state. your work leaves a profound impression on numerous individuals, including our youth, who will be California's future leaders. I encourage you all to celebrate this month by exploring the world around you. Whether that means learning a new language or simply sitting down and picking up a novel, do take the time to appreciate the creative opportunities our great state has to offer.

NOW, THEREFORE, I, ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER, Governor of the State of California, do hereby proclaim October 2010, as "Arts and Humanities Month."

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