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ArtBeat Stays as E-Newsletter Name
Subscribers weigh in

Published: 07-07-2011

What's in a name?  Would a rose not smell as sweet?  Great minds have asked these questions and so has the California Arts Council. The name in question? ArtBeat.

In early June, the California Arts Council solicited suggestions for a new name to ArtBeat, the weekly e-newsletter and over the weeks, we received a number of new proposed names. We also received a rousing chorus of supporters of the current name. After weighing possible new names and reading the comments of current name supporters, we decided to leave the name as is. So ArtBeat it will be! You have spoken and we have listened.

That said, we appreciate the creativity and interest of subscribers who suggested so many alternatives. We thank everyone who emailed in with their imaginative suggestions, objections, and views--and proving the creativity of Californians! And thank you for subscribing to ArtBeat.

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