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Happy New Year! 2012 Plans Abound at Arts Council

Published: 01-12-2012

The California Arts Council expects 2012 to be a huge year for us and for the arts in the state. We have so much potential in front of us -- and we are going to seize it. We believe that there is virtually no part of a Californian's daily life that cannot be improved or transformed by the arts.

From doubling down on "Tax Checkoff" efforts to the next big push for the Arts License Plate campaign, we'll make sure that "why the arts matter" is prominent...The CREATE the STATE initiative is gathering steam, aiming to transform public education through the arts...The CAC will re-engage in substantive inter-agency relationships and create a productive synergy...We'll work to find the most compelling illuminations of "creative California" and tell the stories of the arts on as many platforms as possible...And we'll take an inward look to examine how we can do things better. More to come!

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