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Arts Jobs Board and Artists Call from the California Arts Council a great place to seek work

Published: 06-11-2008

One of the most popular parts of the California Arts Council website is the Arts Jobs Board and the Artists Call, user-supplied database listings specifically for artists and arts administrators in California. We encourage California visual and performing artists and administrators to utilize our pages to further network "Creative California." Read more here about these pages, and others that provide timely information about the arts for Californians.

How the Arts Jobs and Artists Call pages work

Both of these pages on the California Arts Council website are "user-input" pages, meaning that the organizations looking for employees or artists are the ones who submit the information to the California Arts Council. Entries are not posted immediately as an anti-spam protection. Arts Council staff review the postings, activate hyperlinks and make any corrections necessary. (Staff can take 1-2 days to review and post a listing, but rarely more than 3 days. Please plan accordingly when posting information.)

Why the separation between Artists Call and Arts Jobs?

We've noticed two different types of requests from those seeking artists and arts administrators -- the full-time job (often in an administration position, although not always), and the temporary, one-project call for an artist. Rather than mix these two types of requests into one big batch, we opted to create two separate pages that clarified the type of position better. So, for example, when a cultural planner is needed in one of our cities, the posting should be on the Arts Jobs board. But when visual artists are encouraged to submit their work for a show or performers for a theatre's casting call, that posting should be in the Artists Call.

How is the Arts Jobs list and the Artists Call on the front page and in the newsletter determined?

As many folks have noticed, we post a select number of jobs and artists calls on different parts of our website and in The California ArtBeat. The order and listing is based on the last entry approved, and serves as an enticement for viewers to look at the full page of listings. We encourage viewers to keep up with all pages on the website, since content is updated frequently -- daily, in most cases.

What about other pages, like the Other Grants, Conferences & Workshops, Arts Festivals and Research Library pages?

We have quite a few other resources on the California Arts Council's website for the artist, arts administrator and art lover. The "Other Grants" section is a listing of non-Arts Council funding opportunities we discover that might be of help to Californians. Conferences & Workshops lists different arts-related meetings that can further the career of artists and arts administrators. Our Arts Festivals listings are a comprehensive list of festivals throughout California and organized by month and region. And finally, our Research Library has listings for hundreds of reports, on-demand webinars and other resources for the artist, arts advocate, arts educator and others.

(Please note: we cannot list individual events like gallery openings or theatre show times, unfortunately ... California's a huge place, and the number of entries would become overwhelming. We encourage readers to look in their local newspaper, arts listings, and other local or regional resources.) 

The content for the pages noted above is staff-generated and operates differently than the job board or the artists call. Email if you have a listing suggestion for these sections. (Arts Festivals does have a user-submission form, but you may also submit information to the editor by email.)

Arts "In the News" -- frequently updated

The other parts of the website that are updated frequently (almost daily) include the In the News page that keep our readers in touch with media stories on the arts. We created this section because California ArtBeat readers have historically noted that there is a great deal of information on the arts available through the web, but many people say they have a hard time finding it. The California Arts Council's website tries to make keeping tabs on important arts stories a little bit easier.

California ArtBeat -- the eNewsletter information

California ArtBeat readers may have noticed by now that the information in the newsletter looks rather similar to the postings on the California Arts Council website. In most cases, it's identical.

When we reviewed our procedures for the website, it became apparent that 1. eNewsletter stories needed to be simply organized on our website for easy viewing even after the newsletter was sent out, and 2. artists and arts administrators needed a fairly consistent reminder of the new postings on the California Arts Council website. We created a system to do both, with the intent of providing the most up-to-date information possible to as many people in California as possible.

Facebook and Twitter

Finally, the Arts Council has a very active social media presence, including 28,000 <likes> for our Facebook page and just over 4,600 Twitter followers. Want to keep in touch with us? Follow us! FACEBOOK and TWITTER 

Thank you for being part of our network! 

We are constantly reviewing, revising and improving our website and the California ArtBeat. If you have and comments or suggestions, please feel free to submit an email to with the subject line of "website/newsletter comment." And thanks for reading!

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