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Call for Exhibition Proposals
For California artists

We are seeking submissions from emerging to professional artists for solo and group shows for our current and future schedule. Additionally we welcome proposals from curators to submit proposals for exhibitions.

Mission Statement
BridgeMaker Arts serves and enriches community culture, pride and involvement by providing public exposure to art and a means for public participation in creative arts, crafts, and maker fabrication technologies.

We seek to exhibit work of high artistic merit that reflects and resonates with the experience of the SF Bay Area, our beloved Richmond community and national audiences.

We welcome proposals from the following genres: painting, photography, sculpture, film/video, installation and performance. Artists may submit proposals for solo, two, or three person shows.

GALLERY SPECS: The gallery is 1265 sq. ft., the short ends of the gallery are glass with doors. Available wall space consists of two walls that are 10 ft. tall x 55 ft. long. The floor space is open and there are no obstructions like pillars or dividers, thus any floor layout can be accommodated. The lighting system is ceiling mounted and can be configured in a wide variety of layouts. Additionally there are skylights even placed on the ceiling allowing for a large amount of natural light. The floor is smooth cement.

To propose an exhibition, please fill out the form on our web site at:

In the case of multi-artists shows information on all the artists should be included in the proposal. Please note that the artist(s) are responsible for the cost delivery and return shipping for their work as well as their travel expenses.

Deadline: 04-29-2017
Richmond, CA

Contact: Barbosa Prince

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