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Gallery, Marketing, and Administrative Assistant

Oakland, CA

SLATE Art seeks a Gallery Assistant for SLATE contemporary gallery and Slate Art Consulting. 

Part-time temporary maternity cover with potential for permanent employment.

Hours: 16 hours per week / 64 hours per month

Minimum Schedule:   

12:00–5:00 three Wednesdays each month

12:00–5:00, Thursday and Friday, weekly

12:00–5:00 Saturday, once a month

6:00–9:30 First Friday, once a month 

Terms: Contract will run from early October 2017, through the end of January 2018. Following a review mid-January, there will be an opportunity to apply for a permanent part-time employment. Employee must be available to work a regular schedule during November, December, and January, except during holiday business closures November 20-27 and December 24-January 3. 

Compensation: Hourly at $18/hour. Potential for 10% commission on solo retail sales of artwork and 5% commission on partnered gallery retail sales.

Note: Gallery Assistant will be employed by SLATE Art LLC with taxes, social security, etc being paid by both employee (out of pay) and employer (on top of pay). Note there is no employer heath plan in place at the moment. Note there are no paid holidays, but there is always an option to make up time lost to vacations or holiday closures by working extra hours at another time. 

Application Requirements: CV and cover letter. Three references may be requested, as well. 

Duties include: 

1) Gallery Management:

  • Responsible for the weekday open hours operations of the gallery.
  • Daily tasks include opening doors, putting out signs, turning on lights, making sure gallery appears clean and tidy, trash is taken out, light sound and temperature are welcoming, print and marketing materials are stocked.
  • Greet all visitors on arrival in a welcoming, professional manner. Be available to discuss art in the exhibitions and inventory with visitors in a friendly but intelligent manner.
  • Answer phones, take messages, and refer callers to colleagues, as appropriate.
  • Follow info@ email, respond to client inquiries, forward other emails to colleagues.

2) Client Services and Sales:

  • Qualify visitors as potential buyers and accordingly capture contact information and interest.
  • Follow up with potential buyers, both retail and wholesale (i.e. interior designers and consultants) by providing information about artists and artwork.
  • Make appointments for buyers to see work at the gallery or see en situ in their home.
  • Prepare sale documents and invoicing for sales of work from the gallery. 

3) Registrar and Administrative Duties:

  • Catalog new artwork according to gallery standards.
  • Update artist CV and bio-statement documents, formatting according to gallery standards and filing.
  • Prepare consignment documents for artwork coming and going from gallery inventory.
  • Maintain inventory listings on gallery web site.
  • Maintain inventory listings on Artsy.
  • Update artwork locations in inventory systems as art is moved around.
  • Manage logistics of art movements, such as getting quotes from art handlers and shippers; draw-up art handling orders for contractors; and book van rentals, as needed.

4) Curatorial Duties:

  • Assist curators in planning exhibitions.
  • Assist with art preparatory work, including (but not limited to) gallery exhibition installation and de-installation, re-organizing inventory, moving artworks to and from storage, wrapping artwork for transit, and occasionally picking up and delivering artwork in rented vans.

5) Marketing

  • Upload exhibition details to online listing calendars.
  • Assist with updating website with new exhibition listings.
  • Lay out new exhibition and artist postcards and place orders.
  • Draft twice-monthly Mailchimp email newsletters to promote both gallery and external exhibitions, special company projects, and relevant news items and interest stories.
  • Work with social media manager to schedule weekly content for Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter.
  • Update mailing and contact lists.

Technical Skills needed:

  • The SLATE office uses the Mac operating system, Apple Mail, Apple Calendar, Apple Pages, Microsoft Excel, DropBox, Google Calendar, and Google Contacts. Familiarity with these platforms is necessary to perform this job.
  • Fluency in using Mailchimp for email marketing is preferred.
  • Fluency in social media marketing (specifically Instagram and Facebook) is required.
  • Experience using WordPress is an asset, but not required. Training can be provided.
  • SLATE’s inventory system is hosted by ArtCloud. Training will be provided for this platform.
  • Basic facility with photography, photo editing, page layout, and design is highly valued.
  • Good grammar, writing, editing and proof reading skills are an asset.
  • A driver’s license in good standing and a clean driving record.
  • Able to lift up to 50lbs.

Personal and interpersonal skills needed:

  • Team player, highly organized, systematic, detail-oriented, self-directed, problem-solver, and multi-tasker.
  • Able to partner on projects with other colleagues.
  • Good, clear communication.
  • Calm, cool, collected, and patient demeanor with clients and colleagues.
  • Well-dressed, confident, professional, and friendly with clients and potential customers.
Address: 473 25th Street

Deadline: 10-01-2017

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