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Associate Director, Media Initiatives
Los Angeles Philharmonic Association

Los Angeles

The Los Angeles Philharmonic Association is currently seeking an:

Associate Director, Media Initiatives

Founded in 1919, the Los Angeles Philharmonic Association's mission is to perform, present, and promote music in its varied forms at the highest level of excellence to a diverse and large audience, both at the Walt Disney Concert Hall and the Hollywood Bowl.  The Los Angeles Philharmonic Association is dedicated to continuing its pre-eminent status in the music world of the 21st century.

Position Summary: The Associate Director, Media Initiatives provides strategic leadership and oversight in the development and implementation of media projects featuring the Los Angeles Philharmonic Orchestra delivered via existing and new platforms.  In close collaboration with Artistic and Marketing, s/he develop and produce projects featuring compelling media content to maximize the Orchestra’s reach and artistic profile.

Position Elements:

  • Provide leadership and oversight in the development and implementation of strategic and compelling media projects to maximize the LA Phil’s artistic profile.
  • Working closely with the Chief Operating Officer, Vice President, Philharmonic and Production, Centennial Director and senior staff, develop a strategic plan for media capture and distribution to achieve the goals of the LA Phil’s Centennial in 2018-19 season and beyond.
  • Evaluate existing media products, platforms and services, identify underperforming content and make recommendations for improvement, redesign or removal.
  • Lead audio recording projects including, but not limited to:
    • Radio broadcasts
    • CD and Download-only audio releases
    • Audio-visual releases (TV, film, etc)
    • Recording for promotional purposes
  • Prepare, negotiate and execute all media related contracts including but not limited to: union musicians and stagehands, artists, vendors, rights holders, licensing.
  • Proactively manage interests of stakeholders, including artists and their managers, producers, media outlets, record companies, composers, publishers, orchestra, stagehands, production, Music Library, Marketing, and other staff.  This includes:
    • Coordinate repertoire discussions with artistic staff and appropriate distribution partners.
    • Formulate and manage budgets
    • Hire producers, engineers, and video directors as necessary
    • Liaise with artists and their managers regarding approvals and edits
    • Act as intermediary between concert production and other departments to produce content
    • Coordinate recording capture and release timelines
  • In close collaboration partnership with Artistic and Marketing:
    • Develop opportunities to engage and deepen relationships with audiences through new technologies and content.
    • Act as producer for various video projects for the LA Phil, as necessary, including content created for promotional, artistic, or fundraising purposes. 
  • Oversee the development of media production, including video and audio production as well as other projects in partnership with Digital Marketing.
  • Oversee the preparation of sales and royalty reporting to union orchestra musicians, artists and organizations as required.
  • Work with the Archives department on digital asset management system, long-term strategic planning for digitization, storage and access of media content.
  • Other duties as assigned.

Position Requirements:

  • Bachelor’s degree
  • Minimum 8 years of relevant experience in a leadership role
  • Strong analytical skills and expertise for new media
  • Current awareness of trends and a record of participation in new media
  • Ability to engage leadership and build consensus for new media initiatives
  • Ability to lead a in a workplace characterized by mutual respect and open discussion in which all strive for excellence and innovation
  • Ability to set clear and effective department and individual goals.
  • Exceptional writing and listening skills; strong communication and organizational abilities; a collaborative spirit
  • Self-motivated, entrepreneurial, and independent thinker; ability to meet deadlines, negotiate conflicting priorities, and obtain results
  • Knowledge of legal aspects of music licenses and clearances
  • Ability to work a flexible schedule including evenings and weekends related to media projects. 

How to apply:

Complete the online application by clicking here.

  • Complete the application with all pertinent information
  • At the end of the application, a confirmation page will appear when you have submitted your application.



Deadline: 04-28-2017

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